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knowledge for sensors and estimators by models and internal models

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Autori: V.E. Balas, L. C. Jain

Editorial: IOS PRESS, NIEUWE HEMWEG 6B, AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS, Journal of Intelligent and Fuzzy Systems, Volume 21, Number 1-2 / 2010, p.79-88, 2010.


A necessary strategy to improve our technologies is to provide them with useful pieces of deterministic previous
knowledge about the processes and the equipment. Our attention was previously focused on the industrial control systems,
implemented with low level devices (controllers, sensors, actuators), that need knowledge on the specific controlled plants as well
as on the general theoretical foundations. This was done on-line with the help of internal models, or off-line with planners whose
design is assisted by simulations. This paper is orienting the same effort in the direction of the intelligent sensors field. A brief
overview of the relationship between sensors and knowledge is provided. A particular architecture of sensors relying on modeling
techniques and some internal model estimators for the velocity and for the weariness of the railway cars are illustrating the role
of the models in sensors and estimators.

Cuvinte cheie: Internal model, sensor fusion, fuzzy-interpolative system