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The Separation of some preservatives by thin layer chromatography

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Autori: Dorina Casoni, Rodica Domnica Briciu, Daniela Veres

Editorial: Studia Universitatis Babes-Bolyai, Chemia, 4, p.77-84, 2008.


Rapid separation of 18 synthetic preservatives on the silica gel
chemically modified HPTLC plates (RP-18F254s, RP-18wF254s, CN F254s and
Nano-SIL Diol/UV254) has been achieved with methanol-water as mobile
phase. The development distance was 8 cm in all cases. Identification of the
separated preservatives was performed by UV light at l=254 nm. Potassium
sorbate, sodium benzoate and ascorbic acid were identified in some soft
drinks after sample preparation by solid phase extraction on C18 column.

Cuvinte cheie: separare cromatografica, silicagel chimic legat, TLC, conservanti // chromatographic separation, chemically modified silica gel, TLC, preservatives