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Classification and fingerprinting of kiwi and pomelo fruits by multivariate analysis of chromatographic and spectroscopic data

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Autori: Costel Sârbu, Rodica Domnica Nascu-Briciu, Agata Kot-Wasik, Shela Gorinstein, Andrzej Wasik, Jacek Namiesnik

Editorial: Food Chemistry, 130, p.994-1002, 2012.


The fingerprinting capacity of two analytical techniques, HPLC and UV–Vis spectroscopy in the case of
fruits samples (kiwi and pomelo) has been investigated. The multivariate exploratory techniques were
used for sample discrimination according to the fruit species and subspecies. The combination of principal
component analysis with linear discriminant analysis is opening new directions in the fingerprinting
analysis. The classifications obtained were independent by the analytical techniques, which signalise that
both of them may be successfully employed in the fingerprinting methodologies if they are combined
with appropriate chemometric methods. One of the biggest advantages of the proposed chemometric
method is the ability to discriminate different types and species and subspecies of fruits in just one analysis,
which indicates that it is one of the simplest and less time consuming methods. It is strongly
sustained by the good results obtained in the case of kiwi and pomelo fruit samples that were simultaneously

Cuvinte cheie: Fingerprinting, HPLC, UV–Vis spectroscopy, CA, PCA, Discriminant analysis