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Estimation of the lipophilic character of flavonoids from the retention behavior in reversed phase liquid chromatography on different stationary phases: A comparative study

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Autori: Florentin Tache, Rodica Domnica Nascu-Briciu, Costel Sârbu, Florina Micale, Andrei Medvedovici

Editorial: Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis, 57, p.82-93, 2012.


The retention behavior of some flavonoids in reversed phase liquid chromatography (RPLC) was investigated
using different chemistries of the modified silicagel based stationary phases. Highly end-capped
octadecyl silicagel (ODS), polar embedded linker octadecyl silicagel (SB-18 Aqua), phenyl silicagel and
pentafluorophenyl modified silicagel (PFP) were used as stationary phases. The mobile phase consisted
in acetonitrile/acidified water mixtures, at different fractions of volume. The lipophilicity was estimated
through different chromatographic descriptors, as it follows: log kw, m log k, S, ϕ0 and PC1/log k. The chromatographic
behavior observed on the mentioned stationary phases was evaluated by means of various
graphical profiles and correlation matrices. Additionally, new information about the characteristics of the
stationary phases and their (dis)-similarities were provided through lipophilicity charts and by scatterplots
of loadings obtained by applying principal component analysis (PCA) to retention data. Furthermore,
the experimental lipophilicity indices estimated from retention data were correlated with the computed
descriptors, at a high level of statistical significance.

Cuvinte cheie: Flavonoids, RPLC, Lipophilic character, Retention behaviour, Stationary phase classification