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Lipophilicity of natural sweeteners estimated on various oil and fats impregnated thin layer chromatography plates

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Autori: Costel Sarbu, Rodica Domnica Briciu

Editorial: Journal of Liquid Chromatography & Related Technologies, 33, p.903-921, 2010.


A variety of oils (paraffin, olive, sunflower, corn, castor, cod liver) and fats (margarine, butter,
pig, sheep, pullet, human) impregnated TLC-plates were indirectly evaluated and characterized
from the lipophilicity point of view by employing a series of experimental lipophilicity parameters
estimated for a representative group of natural sweeteners from retention data. The relevance of 10
the results was evaluated by a critical comparison of the lipophilicity parameters with a series of
theoretical lipophilicity and solubility indices. The ALOGPs descriptor offers the best correlation
coefficients, higher than 0.9. The principal component analysis applied to the retention data
and the matrices formed by each distinct group of experimental lipophilicity indices allowed a
realistic classification of the fats and oils, through the 3D graphs (‘‘lipophilicity spaces’’) and gave 15
new insights into the retention mechanism involved in the chromatographic process.

Cuvinte cheie: animal and human fats, lipophilicity, natural sweeteners, oils, PCA, TLC