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The lipophilicity indices of flavonoids estimated by reversed-phase liquid chromatography using different computation methods

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Autori: Rodica Domnica Briciu, Agata Kot-Wasik, Jacek Namiesnik, Costel Sarbu

Editorial: Journal of Separation Science, 32, p.2066-2074, 2009.


The chromatographic behavior of some flavonoids was established by RP-HPLC on
RP-18 (LiChroCART, LiChrosphere RP-18e), RP-8 (Zorbax, Eclipse XDB-C8), CN (Sulentechnik,
LiChrosphere CN100) columns. The mobile phases were mixtures of methanol-
water in different volume proportions from 70 to 80% v/v for RP-18 and RP-8,
while for the CN column the proportions were between 66 and 70% v/v. The lipophilicity
was expressed through different lipophilicity descriptors such as mean of k
(mk), mean of log k (mlog k), log kW, S, f0, and scores of k and log k corresponding to
the first principal component. The experimental lipophilicity indices are directly
correlated with the computed values, via computer software and internet module,
at a high analytical level. Furthermore, the results obtained applying principal component
analysis to k and/or log k values allow the prediction and explanation of the
interaction involved in the retention mechanism which takes place between the
compounds and the employed stationary phases during the development.

Cuvinte cheie: Computation methods, Flavonoids, Lipophilicity, Principal component analyis, RP-HPLC