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The lipophilicity of some hazardous substances estimated by high performance liquid chromatography and computed by various methods

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Autori: Jana Petre, Rodica Domnica Naşcu-Briciu, Vasile Iancu, Victor David, Costel Sârbu

Editorial: Journal of Liquid Chromatography & Related Technologies, 34, p.289-306, 2011.


The lipophilicity of some hazardous substances (emerging pesticides and some PAHs) was
investigated by high performance liquid chromatography, on four chromatographic columns of
RP-18, RP-8, phenyl and CN, with two types of mobile phases based on acetonitrile and methanol.
The investigated lipophilicity indices were both experimentally (log kw, S and u0) and theoretically
expressed. In order to find an objective manner of quantitative comparison of different chemically
bonded stationary phases and evaluate the reliability of the obtained results some comparison procedures
based on correlation diagrams and matrices were performed. The results indicated that all
the stationary phases were useful for the lipophilicity investigation and that the experimentally and
theoretically lipophilicity indices were highly correlated. Moreover, it was suggested that methanol
used as an organic modifier led to more significant lipophilicity indices.

Cuvinte cheie: HPLC, lipophilicity, log kw, log P, PAHs, pesticides