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A New Real-Time Monitoring Technique of the Biochemical Constituents of the Environment

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Autori: Iordache, Petrisor Zamora; Petrea, Nicoleta; Somoghi, Vasiel; Muresan, Mihaela; Epure, Gabriel; Lungu, Rodica; Petre, Razvan; Savu, Ioan; Pretorian, Andrada; Dionezie, Bojin; Mutihac, Lucia

Editorial: Environ. Eng. Manage. J., 19, p.133-140, 2010.


As a result of the global climatic changes generated by the alteration of the environment through polution, the ecosystems’ natural ressources are incontrollably distributed, generating unforseeable effects at the level of the subsequent evolution of the natural
balance factors. One of the greatest challenges of the science concerned with environment protection, is that of real time monitoring of the biochemical constitution. The real time monitoring of a great number of biochemical constituents represents an inherent requirement in this field, being dictated by the structural complexity of the natural ecosystems. In this sense, we designed a new monitoring technology of the environment’s bio-chemical constituents, based on a new technique. The technology which integrates the method proposed consists of the unitary joint of three modules of small dimensions, having the following functions:(e) the sampling of the biochemical structures in real time, continuously and on a wide spectrum (f) specific magnetic discrimination of the fixed biochemical structures (g) the processing and the control of the process experimental data, received
from the subordonate modules. The system we propose can monitor biochemically the air, the water and the soil, either separately, or at the same time, according to the requirements of the user. Also, the present paper will present several experimental data relevant to our purpose, obtained as a result of npa-BC testing on B.Cereus, St.Aureus, E.Coli, Ps.Aeruginosa, saprophyte bactertia and ricin.

Cuvinte cheie: environmental engineering and management