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Biochemical Fixing and Activation Mechanisms of Amino Groups Deposited on the Surface and in the Depth of Polymeric Layers of the n[SiO1.5-(CH2)3NH2] Type Deposited on the Fe3O4 Nanoparticle Surface

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Autori: Iordache, Petrisor Zamora; Somoghi, Vasile; Savu, Ioan; Petrea, Nicoleta; Mitru, Georgeta; Petre, Razvan; Dionezie, Bojin; Ordeanu, Viorel; Hotaranu, Atena; Mutihac, Lucia

Editorial: Rev. Chim., 46, p.162-168, 2009.


This paper presents the synthesis of complex nanostructures of the Fe3O4-n[SiO1.5 γ-(CH2)3(NH2)](NH2)n δ-
(GL)n ε type [Fe3O4 = magnetic core; n[SiO1.5 γ-(CH2)3(NH2)] = coated layer; (NH2)n δ,-NH2= surface and deep
amino groups which play an important role in biochemical interfacing; (GL)n ε= exterior superficial glutaraldehyde layer]. These nanostructures have several interesting physical and chemical characteristics, such as: biochemical fixing without destructing the microorganisms on the Fe3O4-n[SiO1.5 γ-(CH2)3(NH2)](NH2)n δ-(GL)n ε surface and the ability to differentiate the microorganisms in magnetic field,
according to the mass and volume. In order to obtain superior biochemical fixing performances we have
analysed and determined the chemical and physical distributional mechanisms of (NH2)n δ, -NH2 groups on
the surface and in the depth of the above-mentioned nanostructure. For this purpose we have deduced the
control equations according to the synthesis parameters, which triggers the growth of the silicone polymer
layer and the distribution of the amino groups in its structure.

Cuvinte cheie: chimiei, petrochimiei,ingineriei chimice, echipamentelor de proces, biotehnologiei si protecţiei mediului // chemistry, petrochemistry, chemical engineering, process equipments, biotechnology and environment protection