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Emulsified Nutritive Fluids and Their Properties Control

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Autori: Cirjaliu-Murgea, M; Ionita, AD; Iordache, PZ; Filipescu, L

Editorial: REV. CHIM., 62, p.1-12, 2011.


A new approach of the foliar nutritive fluids formulation as emulsions and their properties design was grounded on the last illuminations in the mechanism and kinetics of the foliar nutrition. Emulsified organic and inorganic phases are bearing extended multifunctional biological activities – nutrition, growth enhancing and fungi repelling. Selection of the overbasic potassium salts of naphthenic and oleic acids as organic phase carrier entrusted leverage control of the foliar required properties through their overbasicity, hydrolysis and hydrolysis pH, as well as through the mixed organic/inorganic hydrolysates particle size distribution inside the film formed at the foliage surface. Aqueous phase may accommodate variable formula of NPK macronutrients and regular contents of micronutrients under suited restrictions called by the emulsion stability. Due to the both phases reactivity, at the foliage level the diluted fluid leaves a matrix made up by organic hydrolysates, grafting the entire mineral charge as an amorphous phase ready to dissolve at high rate. All new born biological active entities are released by organic matrix as nanoparticulate amorphous matter, as
well as micelles charged with amorphous nanoparticulate at a rate close to plant demands, preventing overdosing and eventual plant harms. All nutritive fluid components are biodegradable or non harmful for environment. The sorption mechanism-property correlations are illustrated by property-composition diagrams, pH monitoring during organic matrix precipitation and reaction with air carbon dioxide, dynamic particle size distribution in hydrolyzing emulsions, and film morphology in correlation with nutrients concentration
distribution in layered film.

Cuvinte cheie: nutrition, growth enhancing, fungicide