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The coating of n(SiO1.5-(CH2)3(NH2)) ultrathin layers on the surface of Fe3O4 nanoparticles and the analysis of their coating dynamics

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Autori: Iordache, Petrisor Zamora; Somoghi, Vasile; Savu, Ioan; Petrea, Nicoleta; Mitru, Georgeta; Petre, Razvan; Dionezie, Bojin; Ordeanu, Viorel; Kim, Lidia; Mutihac, Lucia

Editorial: Optoelectron. Adv. M., 2, p.491-497, 2008.


This paper presents the unitary and controlled synthesis of nanostructures of the type Fe3O4-n[SiO1.5-(CH2)3(NH2)]-Snθ [Fe3O4 = magnetic core; n[SiO1.5-(CH2)3(NH2)] = coating layer; -NH2 = layer made up of groups which play an important part in biochemical interface; Snθ = exterior layer of biochemical cross-linked molecules]. The purpose of obtaining these nanostructures is to fix Fe3O4-n[SiO1.5-(CH2)3(NH2)]-Snθ on microorganism surface through covalent chemical bounds in order to determine them in magnetic field, as a function of the mass and volume of the microorganisms attached to the
nanostructures. The nanocomposite materials with physical and chemical features induced in a controlled way in the basic physical structure in order to handle in a controlled manner the host structures, constitute a research field of current interest. The nanostructures we have drawn up are also important in fields connected to chemistry, such as:
selective/unselective chemical separation, molecular macrocomplexes labeling, chemical/biological detection media and others.

Cuvinte cheie: optoelectronic devices, crystals of relevance in optoelectronics, amorphous and glassy materials, nanostructured materials and devices, magnetic materials, functional and smart materials