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The obtaining of nanocomposite slurries with practical aplication in real time biological fixing

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Autori: Iordache, PI; Somoghi, V; Petrea, N; Petre, R; Dionezie, B; Ordeanu, V; Hotaranu, A; Mutihac, L

Editorial: Optoelectron. Adv. M., 11, p.736-743, 2009.


The present paper presents the fixing mechanisms of microorganisms on support carrying agents based on Fe3O4
biochemically activated nanoparticles. The processing of biological fixing carrying agents with undifferentiated action is utterly important because it enlarges the type and the number of the fixed biological structures with a view to subsequent separation and identification.The biological fixing carrying agents based on nanoparticles having a mixed and controllable
structure of the Fe3O4-{n[SiO1.5-(CH2)3-(n-m)NH2]-mNH-C5H8O2} type (m= biochemical activation factor), offer a series of advantages in the field of analytical microbiology, among which : external modulated control unselective biochemical fixing, separation opportunities through controlled discrimination, etc.

Cuvinte cheie: optoelectronic devices, crystals of relevance in optoelectronics, amorphous and glassy materials, nanostructured materials and devices, magnetic materials, functional and smart materials