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Toxicity evaluation of smoke pyrotechnic compositions based on the dimensional analysis of solid combustion products

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Autori: Sau, Ciprian; Lazaroaie, Claudiu; Zecheru, Teodora; Petre, Razvan; Iordache, Petrisor Zamora; Goga, DA

Editorial: REV. CHIM., 62, p.718-722, 2011.


The use of smoke pyrotechnic compositions bring during use an intoxication risk to the staff located in the immediate proximity. One of the methods for pyrotechnic composition toxicity evaluation consists in the
dimensional analysis of the solid particles resulted from the combustion and the determination of the
respiratory system intrusion rate. The experimental determinations were performed for three new smoke
compositions: two of them based on potassium chlorate and potassium chloride and, respectively, ammonium
chloride, the third composition being based on potassium nitrate and red phosphorus. The tests demonstrated
that solid particles within the aerosols generated from the first two compositions present diameters between
0.1 and 1.0 μm. The deposition fractions of these particles in the respiratory system have significant values
only at head airways level and alveolar region, therefore presenting low toxicity for the human body. In the
case of the pyrotechnical composition based on red phosphorus, solid particles with medium diameters between 0.1 and 8.0 μm were generated, the deposition fractions having higher values than in the other compositions, therefore leading to a higher toxicity for the human body.

Cuvinte cheie: chemistry, petrochemistry, chemical engineering, process equipments, biotechnology and environment protection