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Determining Aerosol Radiative Properties Using the Integrating Nephelometer

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Autori: Mihai,L., Stefan,S. si Ungureanu

Editorial: Picard, Richard H.; Schäfer, Klaus; Comeron, Adolfo; Kassianov, Evgueni I.; Mertens, Christopher J., Proceedings of the SPIE, 7475, p.74750W-747, 2009.


The atmospheric aerosol particles have variable optical properties, depending on their composition and their size distribution. The aim of this paper is to use six measured parameters with a Nephelometer, to derive optical properties of sub-micrometric and micrometric particles. The analysis of the backscatter to total scattering ratio and the wavelength dependence of particle scattering showed a daily and monthly variability, the ratio being bigger for the summer month than the autumn month. This result can affect seasonal variation of radiative forcing at surface. The results were compared with those obtained from sun – photometer data.

Cuvinte cheie: atmospheric aerosol measurements, nephelometer, optical properties