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Study of polypyrrole functionalization parameters

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Autori: Teodor Sandu, Andrei Sarbu, Sorina Alexandra Garea, Horia Iovu

Editorial: U.P.B. Scientific Bulletin, Series B, 73 (1) , p.123-132, 2011.


The polypyrrole was functionalized by reaction with glutardialdehyde in
order to insert further binding sites on the polymer surface for covalent
immobilization of enzymes. Five parameters of functionalization reaction were
studied: the catalyst (sulphuric acid) concentration, glutardialdehyde/water ratio,
polypyrrole/functionalization solution ratio, temperature and time. The effect of
each parameter was determined by keeping the other four constant. The samples
were analyzed by chemical methods and Fourrier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy.

Cuvinte cheie: polipirol, glutarladehida, functionalizare // polypyrrole, glutardialdehyde, functionalization