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Evaluation of oral health knowledge among personnel in an institution for the rehabilitation of disabled young adults

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Autori: Ruxandra Moraru, Pantea Ghannad, Evin Ulusoy, Mihaela Ghinoiu, Kristian Dahlén, Emanuel-Gabriel Botnariu and Jörgen G. Norén

Editorial: Journal of Disability and Oral Health, 8 (3), p.135, 2007.


Aim and objectives: To explore the views and knowledge on oral health care by caregivers working in the Bucharest residential centre, Recuperation and rehabilitee centre for persons with handicap, using a questionnaire. Design: The questionnaire was translated from Swedish into Romanian and consisted of 30 questions; 18 were closed questions with three to four alternatives, 12 were constructed as a Visual Analogue Scale (VAS). The questionnaire was devised to generate information in three broad areas; personal data, extent of knowledge and current practices. The questionnaire was distributed to 164 staff members by a physician and a co-author (MG). The questionnaire was answered anonymously. Of the 164 employees of the CRRPH 70 answered the questionnaire. Results: The results showed a lack of knowledge concerning oral health and factors influencing oral diseases. Knowledge of the oral health of the patients at the residential centre was limited. Further, the staff efforts to help the patients were overly optimistic. Conclusions: The results indicate a gap between knowledge and practice in caretakers toward the oral health care of multiply impaired residents. The study concludes that improvements in oral health can be encouraged by working with staff knowledge, attitudes, values and beliefs.

Cuvinte cheie: oral health, disability, knowledge, personnel, institution