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Acoustic Emission Sensing of Structures under Stretch

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Autori: I. Chilibon, M. Mogildea, G. Mogildea

Editorial: ISSN:1726-5479, IFSA, Sensors & Transducers Journal, 14-1, Special Issue, p.122-133, 2012.


This paper presents some experimental results concerning the acoustic emission (AE) of different structures under stretches, in order to predict their behaviour at maximum extent efforts.
Acoustic emission signals are prevailed by sensitive AE sensor, fixed on the material surface by an
electroacoustic material. The AE piezoelectric sensor realizes the mechanical to electrical energy conversion, and the output signal is displayed on the memory digital oscilloscope. By signal analysis in time and frequency one can get the attenuation coefficients, delaminating, voids, defects, into material, revealing important information about the material structure behaviour at mechanical
stresses. The information could be applied for complex construction structures, in order to prevent their breaking risks.

Cuvinte cheie: Acoustic emission, AE, Sensor, MEMS