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Dynamic optimization of the tracking system for a pseudo-azimuthal photovoltaic platform

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Autori: Ioniţã, M., Alexandru, C.

Editorial: AIP (American Institute of Physics), Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy, 4(5), p.053117, 2012.


This paper presents the dynamic optimization of a pseudo-azimuthal tracking system for photovoltaic modules regarding the growth of energetic efficiency. The study targets on the one hand the optimization of the mechanical device of the tracking mechanism (developed with the MBS software solution ADAMS), and on the other hand the optimization of the control system model (conceived with the DFC software EASY5). The main aspect consists of using the same optimization techniques (optimal parametric design) for both major components of the mechatronic tracking system (the mechanical device, and the control system). The optimization of the mechanical device is focused on the minimization of the motor force generated by the driving actuator (minimizing in this way the energy consumption for tracking), while the optimization of the control system leads to the maximization of the incident solar radiation gain by minimizing the tracking errors.

Cuvinte cheie: control system analysis, mechatronics, solar cells, sunlight, tracking