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Research of the Milling Time Influence on Ag-Cu Powder Particles Size Processed by Mechanical Alloying Route

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Autori: Gingu, O, Nicolicescu C., Sima, G

Editorial: Mircea Nicoarã, Aurel Rãduţã and Carmen Opriş, Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland, Periodical of Solid State Phenomena, vol.188, 2012, "Advanced Materials and Structures IV", p.382-387, 2012.


This research focuses on Ag-Cu powder particles processing by mechanical alloying (MA) route. The powder mixture is representative for the eutectic composition, respectively 72%wt. Ag + 28% wt. Cu. The milling process is developed in high energy ball mill Pulverisette 6, using different size for the milling balls, in wet conditions for 80 hours. One of the most important parameter studied in this research is the particle size distribution of the processed powder mixture. Thus, it changes along the milling time, from 10…75 µm at the beginning of MA process up to (60 – 80) nm at 80 h. The milling parameters will be optimized in future research depending on the particle size distribution related with thermophysical and thermodynamic properties focused on electrical and optical properties improvement.

Cuvinte cheie: materiale avansate // advanced materials, advanced applications