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Ultrastructural patterns of the activated cell death programs in the human brain

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Autori: Viorel Pais, Leon Danaila, Emil Pais

Editorial: Ultrastructural Pathology, 37(2), p.110-120, 2013.


The authors analyzed by transmission electron microscopy (TEM) neurosurgical samples obtained from patients with cerebral tumors, neurotrauma, cerebral ischemia, Moyamoya disease, encephalitis, etc. Their observations concern a variety of dying cell types by different programmed death pathways, including apoptosis, paraptosis, autophagy, autoschizis, programmed necrosis, as well as combined and coexisting forms. This ample work pointed out not only the role of TEM in cell death diagnosis, but the biological differences in cell behavior and beneficial or detrimental effects of suicides for homeostasis, survival, or normal functioning of a tissue, like the integrated vascular tissue and brain parenchyma.

Cuvinte cheie: Apoptosis, autophagy, autoschizis, brain, paraptosis, programmed necrosis