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Effects of Ca additions on some Mg-alloy hydrides

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Autori: Dan Lupu, Alexandru Biris, Emil Indrea, Romulus V. Bucur

Editorial: ELSEVIER, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 8(9), p.701 - 703, 1983.


The hydrogenation of the alloy of composition CaMg1.8Ni0.5 containing CaMg2 and MgNi2 shows fast activation kinetics. The Mg2Ni phase is observed in the dehydrided samples. The three plateaus on the hydrogen desorption isotherms correspond to the most stable magnesium hydrides observed up to now in Mg-alloy (ΔH = 20–24 kcal/mol H2). The effects of Ca additions on the hydrogen storage capacity and desorption rates of some Mg-rich alloys have been studied.

Cuvinte cheie: hydrogenation of the alloys , hydrogen storage