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The Solubility of Deuterium in LaNi5

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Autori: Alexandru Biris, Romulus V. Bucur, Emil Indrea, Dan Lupu and Paul Ghete

Editorial: ELSEVIER, Journal of the Less Common Metals, 49(1-2), p.164 -169, 1976.


The pressure-composition isotherms for the systems LaNi5-H2 and LaNi5-D2 have been measured both for absorption and for desorption in the temperature range – 10 to +65 °C. The ratio of the plateau pressures, View the MathML source, is r < 1 at high temperatures, and becomes r > 1 at lower temperatures, depending on the thermal treatment of the sample. From the plateau pressures at a constant hydrogen (or deuterium) concentration in LaNi5 (3D or 3H atoms/mole of LaNi5) the partial molar enthalpies, ΔH, and entropies, ΔS, of formation are calculated. Lower (more negative) values have been obtained for deuterium both for ΔH and for ΔS.

Cuvinte cheie: pressure-composition isotherms , hydrogen (or deuterium) concentration in LaNi5 ,