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Blind Source Separation in Machine Monitoring

Domenii publicaţii > Stiinte ingineresti + Tipuri publicaţii > Articol în volumul unei conferinţe

Autori: Th. D. Popescu

Editorial: Proc. of The 54th IEEE International Midwest Symposium on Circuits and Systems (MWSCAS 2011), Yonsei University, Seoul, Republic of Korea, August 7-10, 2011, 2011.


The paper presents a new approach for machine vibration analysis and health monitoring based on blind source separation (BSS). So, the problem is transferred from the original space of the measurements to the space of independent sources, where the reduced number of components is going to simplify the monitoring problem while the vibration analysis methods are going to be applied for scalar signals. The assessment of the approach on a real machine is presented in this paper.

Cuvinte cheie: Blind source separation, change detection, vibration analysis, machine monitoring