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Cordocytes-stem cells cooperation in the human brain with emphasis on pivotal role of cordocytes in perivascular areas of broken and thrombosed vessels

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Autori: Viorel Pais, Leon Danaila, Emil Pais

Editorial: Ultrastructural Pathology, 37(6), p.425-432, 2013.


This study is based on data analysis by light and transmission electron microscopy of the surgical cases in cerebral tumors, cerebrovascular malformations, thromboses in the carotid system, and other injuries such as perivascular hemorrhage. We examined cortical arteries and veins, perivascular areas with old hematic masses, vasculogenic foci, and broken large vessels. We identified, characterized, and compared both undifferentiated cells and well-differentiated cordocytes within periadventitial areas where these cells cooperate very well with precursor/stem cells to perform vital functions for cerebral vasculature with immediate effect on brain parenchyma. This useful cellular cooperation was observed by serial sections pointing out the main role of cordocytes during the entire process of collateral vessel formation after thrombosis and, respectively, in vascular wall repair after ruptures. This is the first cytohistopathological study which illustrates and explains some facets of cordocytes-stem cells cooperation around the vessels of human brain with emphasis on the fundamental role of cordocytes in response to vascular injuries. Our pioneering study will be completed for both basic science and modern medical care by further studies.

Cuvinte cheie: Cooperation, cordocytes, human brain, stem cells, ultrastructure, vessels