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Recording of self-induced waveguides in lithium niobate at 405 nm wavelength by photorefractive – pyroelectric effect

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Autori: S.T. Popescu, A. Petris, V.I. Vlad

Editorial: Journal of Applied Physics, 113 (21), p.213110, 2013.


We characterize the process of soliton waveguides (SWGs) recording at 405 nm wavelength using pyroelectric effect in lithium niobate (LN) crystals. We experimentally study and discuss the influence of the input irradiance, the polarization of the signal beam, and the crystal temperature change on the waveguide writing time and mode-profile. These characteristics significantly change when changing the recording wavelength. The advantages of recording SWGs in LN by using blue-violet light and pyroelectric field are emphasised. The generation of radiation at 405 nm wavelength by inexpensive laser diodes, the fast recording at this wavelength, and the convenient way to produce a static electric field inside the crystal by heating it with few degrees leads to a next step in the soliton waveguides recording process with applications in 3D integrated optical circuits.

Cuvinte cheie: soliton waveguides, lithium niobate, pyroelectric effect