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Molecular Ions Resulted in Mass Spectrometer for 1,3-bis(phenylselanyl)-azulenes and Their Oxidized Products

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Autori: Liviu Birzan, Victorita Tecuceanu, Cristian Enache, Alexandru C. Razus

Editorial: Revista de Chimie (Buc), 64(11), p.1255-1260, 2013.


The reported results in this paper confirm the previous statement on the limited validity of the EE rule for the
molecular ion generation when ESI method was used in mass spectrometer. Thus, the ratio [M].+/[M+1]+
increases with the molecule oxidizability until the absence of the protonated form; therefore, in several
cases the base peak fragment is not always an EE fragment. In addition to the basic fragmentation of the
compounds with one selenium atom in the molecule, the presence of the second such atom, especially in higher oxidation states, complicates the splitting in the mass spectrometer.

Cuvinte cheie: azulene, selenium compounds, mass spectra, isotopes