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Funded PhD in Palaeoenvironment and Palaeoclimate at Northumbria University, UK

This project will develop a combination of peat bog and speleothem records with the aim to address the following objectives:
1. Establish a representative regional network of sedimentary records that would allow assessing at high resolution and through a multi-proxy (Pb, O, C isotopes, and elements that are normally associated with mining and smelting, e.g. Cu, Zn, Au, Ag, etc) approach at the Holocene scale the imprint of past anthropogenic activities.
2. Provide long and detailed chemical and isotopic stratigraphies of elements related to such millennia-long anthropogenic activities.
3. Assess the extent to which the postulated archaeological assumptions and temporal and spatial reconstructions of metal mining proposed by this field of research are comparable. Assess lead and lags.
4. Provide clear constraints on the interplay between anthropogenic activities, natural climate change and their reflection in peatbog and speleothem data.

Deadline for applications: 07 April 2014.

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