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Buffer capacity of heterogeneous chemical equilibria in natural waters

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Autori: Povar I., Rusu V.

Editorial: NRC Research Press, Can. J. Chem., 90(4), p.395-402, 2012.


A novel ion–molecular buffer approach for estimating buffer capacities for natural water – mineral equilibria has been developed. Using this approach, the buffer capacity for any component of the heterogeneous system can be assessed. A proportional relation between different capacities in relation to ions of the compound distributed between two phases has been found. The influence of major thermodynamic parameters, such as temperature, pH, and the main chemical component concentrations of natural waters upon system buffer capacities has been investigated. It is expected that this type of approach will help to predict long-term diminishing effects in natural waters as a remediation alternative. The obtained results are intended to provide users with a compulsory tool to set reliable limits of ion (including metal) levels in environmental systems.

Cuvinte cheie: ape naturale, capacitate tampon, echilibre chimice, sistem eterogen // buffer capacity, chemical equilibria, minerals, natural water, heterogeneous system