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Atmospheric pressure plasma jet-Living tissue interface: Electrical, optical, and spectral characterization

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Autori: A. V. Nastuta, V. Pohoata, I. Topala

Editorial: JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS, 113(18), p.183302, 2013.


The atmospheric pressure plasma jet is studied as potential plasma source for medical applications in direct contact with living tissues. Plasma bullets are generated in the region of the high voltage electrode and propagate towards the tissue surface. The presence of a localized plasma structure on tissues, played here by a human fingertip, is experimentally revealed. It was found that this plasma structure is sustained by a current flowing through the tissue, with the magnitude dependent on the distance from the discharge tube. The characteristic time span of the plasma at the interface is up to 20 μs and the diameter up to 5 mm. These parameters were studied using the two independent techniques: ultra-fast imaging and photomultiplier measurements. Generation of supplementary reactive species at the interface, the NO molecules, was proved by optical emission spectroscopy.

Cuvinte cheie: plasma jet la presiune atmosferica, interfata plasma-tesut viu // Atmospheric pressure plasma jet, plasma-living tissue interface