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Comparative cytogenetic analysis of radioprotector effect of two vegetal extracts

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Autori: Cristina Plamadeala, Alina Aparaschivei , Iulia Bara, Ramona Focea, Dorina Creanga

Editorial: Journal of Advanced Research in Physics , 4(1), 2013.


Cytogenetic study was accomplished in order to investigate the radiation impact on the embryos of Triticum aestivum L. (bread wheat). VARIAN CLINAC 2100SC radiotherapy device was used to irradiate wheat caryopses with X-ray doses of 22.4 Gy, 33.6 Gy, 44.8 Gy, 56 Gy, 67.2 Gy. Before the irradiation, wheat caryopses were let to germinate in INCUCELL room in controlled environmental conditions. Radioprotective action of ethanol extracts from Hypericum perforatum L. and Viola tricolor L., known for their pharmaceutical use was tested. Ethanolic plant extracts were prepared in concentration of 0.5% by Plantavorel laboratory in Piatra Neamt. During the qualitative cytogenetic studies some many types of chromosomal aberrations were identified – micronuclei, delayed and expelled chromosomes, chromatin simple or multiple bridges as well as combined complex aberrations. The main results are consistent with different decrements of the mitotic index revealed in Triticum aestivum embryos treated with ethanolic extracts of Hypericum
perforatum L. and Viola tricolor L. simultaneously with almost identical diminution of chromosomal aberration level.

Cuvinte cheie: cell division, X-rays, chromosomal aberrations, radioprotector extract

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