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Nonlinear Reduced Order Modeling of Isotropic and Functionally Graded Plates

Domenii publicaţii > Stiinte ingineresti + Tipuri publicaţii > Articol în revistã ştiinţificã

Autori: Kwangkeun Kim, Adrian G. Radu, X. Q. Wang, and Marc P. Mignolet

Editorial: International Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics, 49, p.100-110, 2013.


The focus of this investigation is on the development and validation of non-linear structural dynamic reduced order models of structures undergoing large deformations, with particular emphasis on aircraft panels. Significant efforts are devoted to the formulation and assessment of ‘‘dual modes’’ which when combined with the linear transverse modes form an excellent basis for the representation of the displacement and stress fields in the reduced order model. This task is first successfully achieved for isotropic/symmetric composite structures and then extended to asymmetric and functionally graded ones. Examples of application are presented that demonstrate the high accuracy of the proposed reduced order models as compared to full finite element predictions, even with a small number of modes.

Cuvinte cheie: Reduced order models, Non-linear geometric, Large displacements, Plates