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Dopant-induced random telegraph signal in nanoscale lateral silicon pn diodes

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Autori: S. Purwiyanti, R. Nowak, D. Moraru, T. Mizuno, D. Hartanto, R. Jablonski, and M. Tabe

Editorial: Applied Physics Letters, 103 (24), p.243102-1-4, 2013.


We studied current-voltage characteristics of nanoscale pn diodes having the junction formed in a laterally patterned ultrathin silicon-on-insulator layer. At temperatures below 30 K, we observed random telegraph signal (RTS) in a range of forward bias. Since RTS is observed only for pn diodes, but not for pin diodes, one dopant among phosphorus donors or boron acceptors facing across the junction is likely responsible for potential changes affecting the current. Based also on potential measurements by low-temperature Kelvin probe force microscope, RTS is ascribed to trapping/detrapping of carriers by/from a single dopant near the farther edge of the depletion region.

Cuvinte cheie: nanoscale pn diode, RTS, silicon, dopant atom