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Effect of deep-level dopants on the electronic potential of thin Si pn junctions observed by Kelvin probe force microscope

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Autori: R. Nowak, D. Moraru, T. Mizuno, R. Jablonski, and M. Tabe

Editorial: Applied Physics Letters, 102, p.083109-1-4, 2013.


Electronic potential measurements performed by low-temperature Kelvin probe force microscopy on silicon-on-insulator lateral nanoscale pn junctions are presented. The electronic potential landscape contains a region of enhanced potential induced by interdiffused dopants with deeper ground-state levels compared to bulk. The discrete dopant distribution can be observed in specific line profiles. In most line profiles, time-dependent potential fluctuations due to charging and discharging of dopants give rise to a localized-noise area corresponding to the depletion region.

Cuvinte cheie: KPFM, deep-level dopant, Si pn junction