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Finite element analysis of heat transfer in transformers from high voltage stations

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Autori: Mihaela Rãduca, Cornel Haţiegan, Nicolina Pop, Eugen Rãduca, Gilbert-Rainer Gillich

Editorial: Springer Netherlands, ournal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, 118(2), p.1355-1360, 2014.


This present paper presents the modeling and simulation of the thermal transfer in the transformers from the high electric voltage stations using finite element method. As the transformers are of high power and are inversed in oil, a particular interest represents the maintenance of physical and chemical parameters of oil as long a time during operation. For this, one presents the coupled analysis electromagnetic field and thermal field. The procedure of coupled analysis consists of a quantity of heat release when passing electric current through the coil of transformers. The amount of heat affects the chemical properties of the oil. Because overloads occurring in their operation, the chemical properties of the oils worsen in time and may lead to premature aging and scrapping of them. The simulation is based on the creating of a geometrical model which follows the transformer’s sizes and material properties, real constants are established by standards. After the simulations an optimal solution is obtained regarding the correct usage of the transformers.

Cuvinte cheie: finite element analysis, heat transfer