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On the response of small buildings to vibrations

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Autori: Ligia Munteanu · Veturia Chiroiu · Tudor Sireteanu

Editorial: Springer, Nonlinear Dynamics, 73, p.1527-1543, 2013.


In this work, the analysis the response to vibrations of a small building equipped with an electromechanical
vibration absorber is investigated. In
the first part, the case of harmonic excitation with constant or time dependent frequencies is considered,
and in the second part, the case of random earthquakes, respectively. The cross correlation functions
and the mean square displacements are calculated for the structure when it is equipped with an electromechanical
vibration absorber. The stochastic process which characterizes the earth movements is coupled to the cnoidal method, which delivers the analytical
solutions of the nonlinear problem. The interaction between the structure and the energy source is analyzed via the Sommerfeld effect inside the resonance region. The resonance capture and the vibration reduction are displayed by the time history responses of the displacement and angular velocities above the resonance.

Cuvinte cheie: Small building · Electromechanical device · Harmonic excitation · Time-dependent frequency · Random earthquakes

URL: http://DOI 10.1007/s11071-013-0883-y