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A novel 2-D coordination polymer with mixed azido and alkoxido bridges: Synthesis, structure and magnetic properties

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Autori: Liliana Stoicescu, Catalin Maxim, Mathieu Rouzières, Mihaela Hillebrand, Rodolphe Clérac, Marius Andruh

Editorial: Polyhedron, 92, p.111–116, 2015.


A novel 2-D coordination polymer [Cu2(L)(N3)3]n, 1 (HL: 1,5-diaminopentan-3-ol) has been synthesized and its crystal structure and magnetic properties have been studied. The crystal structure of the compound 1 consists of binuclear moieties [Cu2(L)(N3)3] with mixed alkoxido/end-on azido bridges, which are linked by double asymmetric end-on and single asymmetric end-to-end azido bridges, resulting in a 2-D layer extended within the ab crystallographic plane. Variable-temperature magnetic susceptibility data evidence strong antiferromagnetic interaction between the CuII ions within the binuclear units, which are mediated by the two types of bridges (J = -123(2) cm-1, H = -2JS1S2). The experimental value of the exchange coupling constant is confirmed by DFT calculations.

Cuvinte cheie: Copper complexes; Alkoxido bridges; Azide; 2-D coordination polymer; Magnetic properties