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Effects of gamma irradiation on the colour of pigments

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Autori: D. C. Negut, C. C. Ponta, Rodica M. Georgescu, I. V. Moise, Gh. Niculescu, A. I. M. Lupu

Editorial: C. Fotakis, L. Pezzati, R. Salimbeni, PROCEEDINGS OF THE SOCIETY OF PHOTO-OPTICAL INSTRUMENTATION ENGINEERS (SPIE), 6618, p.R6180, 2007.


The aim of this paper is to investigate the influence of gamma irradiation process on the colour of painted wood panels. Insects and micro-organisms are frequently identified enemies of cultural objects from museums and archives. Based on its biocide effect, gamma radiation Could be used for decontamination and conservation purposes. Important advantages can be mentioned in its favour: no toxic or radioactive residues remained in the treated item; large amount of objects can be treated quickly; excellent reliability; attractive cost. In case of emergency radiation treatment in industrial facilities is probably the only method that can be used. There is also a potential side-effect. Interaction of gamma rays with any Substance may change its chemical and physical properties. The change is proportional with the irradiation dose. In the case of paintings, eventually colour changes have to be evaluated. Such an approach actually establishes irradiation treatment limitations. A portable integrating sphere spectrophotometer was used for colour measurements. The results of colour analysis before and after the radiation treatment of the painted wood panels are reported and discussed.

Cuvinte cheie: gamma irradiation, decontamination, colour measurement, painted wood