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Studies concerning fertilizer influence (NPK in different doses) on quantity of corn plants chlorophyll

BUTNARIU, M. Smuleac, A; Dehelean, C; Chirita, R; Saratean, V. 2006. Studies concerning fertilizer influence (NPK in different doses) on quantity of corn plants chlorophyll. Revista de chimie, (Accession Number: WOS: 000244133900015, ISSN: 0034–7752). 57(11), pp. 1138–1143. Times Cited: 10 (from Web of Science Core Collection), IF(2014): 0.810.

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REVISTA DE CHIMIE, ISSN: 0034-7752, Volume: 57, Issue: 11, Pages: 1138-1143, Published: NOV 2006,

Abstract: This study represents a comparative analysis of chlorophyll in corn leaves for different fertilization doses. Put in the simplest possible terms, photosynthesis is the process where sunlight is captured by green plants and used as energy that manufactures food as sugar, starch, and other carbohydrates. Sugar molecules formed during photosynthesis serve as plant’s primary source of food. Since plants, in turn, serve as primary source of food for all other living beings, chlorophyll is at least indirectly responsible for supplying food to all things beings on earth. Process of photosynthesis is also responsible for oxygen providing. When we consider these two important roles played by chlorophyll, it becomes almost impossible to overstate the importance of this common plant pigment. The paper presents the results concerning the spectrophotometric method of clorophill content in extract with 80% acetone from corn’s kernel, Lovrin 400 hybrid. This experience took place during three years and the plots were placed in the Didactic Station of the Banat’s University of Agricultural Science from Timisoara.
Research Areas: Chemistry; Engineering

Web of Science Categories: Chemistry, Multidisciplinary; Engineering, Chemical

Document Type: Article, Accession Number: WOS:000244133900015