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Studies Concerning the Immobilisation and Stabilization of the Mining Landfills

Ciopec, M; Negrea, A; Pentea, M; Samfira, I. Motoc, M; BUTNARIU, M. Studies Concerning the Immobilisation and Stabilization of the Mining Landfills. Revista de chimie, (ISSN: 0034–7752.Volume: 66, Issue: 5, Pages: 645–653, Accession Number: WOS: 000355126000011, Published: MAY 2015) Times Cited: 1 (from Web of Science Core Collection), IF(2014): 0.810.

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REVISTA DE CHIMIE, ISSN: 0034-7752, Volume: 66, Issue: 5, Pages: 645-653, Published: MAY 2015

Abstract: In this work we studied the possibility of immobilisation and stabilization of the waste dumps from mining exploitations. Sterile samples studied from the metalliferous mining landfills of Moldova Noua, SC Moldomin S. A. From the accumulator/indicator plants of barley (Hordeum vulgare L) was determined the content of copper, molybdenum, manganese, arsenic, zinc and lead by X-ray fluorescence using spectrum analyzer by fluorescence of RX (FRX-NITON ANALYZERS). Studies were conducted to identify the best management practice for immobilisation metal in soil and interaction of these metal contaminants with associated plants. The research protocol comprises addition of soil, in sterile to accelerate physico-chemically driven sorption actions and growth of appropriate plant species to reduce physiologically driven uptake of metals. The study for sterile originated of mining exploitations was performed by leaching tests in order to store in specially landscaped; landfill sites inventory for dangerous metals. The results indicated that sterile corresponds with class non-hazardous waste and may be accepted for storage in specially designed waste.

Research Areas: Chemistry; Engineering

Web of Science Categories: Chemistry, Multidisciplinary; Engineering, Chemical

Document Type: Article, Accession Number: WOS:000355126000011