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Shear Banding in Metallic Glasses: Major Weakness or Potential Advantage?

Autori: Axinte, Eugen; Wang, Yan; L. Tabacaru, Lucian; Radwan, Neyara

Editorial: Kurshid Zaman, Bentham Science Publishers, Recent Patents on Materials Science, 9, p.2-19, 2016.


Metallic glasses (MGs) look like metals and have the intimate structure and sometimes the behavior of glasses. The first reported scientifically obtained MG was the alloy Au75Si25 produced at Caltech by Klement et al., in 1959, by extremely rapid cooling of the Au-based melted alloy. Due to the high solidification rate required to produce MGs, the section thickness was small, i.e. only a few tens of micrometers, typically 20 to 50m [5-7].