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Reconsidering Habakkuk 1:8

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Autori: Csaba Balogh

Editorial: Viktor Kókai Nagy, László Sándor Egeresi (eds.), Münster: Ugarit Verlag, Propheten der Epochen / Prophets during the Epochs: Festschrift für István Karasszon zum 60. Geburtstag / Studies in Hounour of István Karasszon for his 60th Birthday, p.113-125, 2015.


Alter Orient und Altes Testament 426. This study argues that the phrase prSyw wprSyw should be emended to prSyw wprsw, „their horses (or: horsemen) swarm out”. This reading is indirectly supported by some of the ancient witnesses (LXX and 1QpHab) and is better suited to its context than the Massoretic version.