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Inelastic scattering of electrons by metastable hydrogen atoms in a laser field

Autori: G. Buica

Editorial: Phys. Rev. A, 92, p.033421, 2015.


The inelastic scattering of fast electrons by metastable hydrogen atoms in the presence of a linearly polarized laser field is theoretically studied in the domain of field intensities below 10^10 W/cm2. The interaction of the hydrogen atom with the laser field is described by first-order time-dependent perturbation theory, while the projectile electrons interacting with the laser field are described by the Gordon-Volkov wave functions. An analytic expression is obtained for the differential scattering cross section in the first-order Born approximation for laser-assisted inelastic e−H(2s) scattering for the 2s→nl excitation. Detailed analytical and numerical results are presented for inelastic scattering accompanied by one-photon absorption, and the angular dependence and resonance structure of the differential cross sections are discussed for the 2s→4l excitation of metastable hydrogen.