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Introduction to the Neutrosophic Statistical Mechanics

Autori: Florentin Smarandache

Editorial: MAS14 Meeting of The American Physical Society, 2014.


Neutrosophic Statistical Mechanics is the theory in which, using the neutrosophic statistical behavior of the constituent particles of a macroscopic system, are predicted the approximate properties of this macroscopic system. Neutrosophic Statistics means statistical analysis
of population or sample that has indeterminate (imprecise, ambiguous, vague, incomplete, unknown) data. For example, the population or sample size might not be exactly determinate because of some individuals that partially belong to the population or sample, and partially they do not belong, or individuals whose appurtenance is completely unknown. Also, there are population or sample individuals whose data
could be indeterminate. (Depending on the type of indeterminacy one can dene various types of neutrosophic statistics.) The neutrosophic value of the average energy of one system, for a given period of time, is close to the neutrosophic average instantaneous value of this energy over a large number of systems. Therefore, in principle if one knows the neutrosophic energy levels of its components, one obtains the approximate thermodynamic properties of the system.