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“A Method to Evaluate the Effect of Automatic Brightness Control Tracking On Image Quality and Patient Dose for Interventional Fluoroscopic Systems”
“Parameterization of Time-Density Curves (TDC) and Regional-TDC’s to Quantify Flow Modification Inside Aneurysms Treated with Flow-Modifying Devices (FMD) Following Endovascular Image-Guided Interventions”
Listservere profesionale pe fizica medicala (diagnostic, terapie, dozimetrie)

Urmatoarele liste de emailuri si website-uri ar putea fi de interes celor ce profeseaza stiinta radiatiei (fizica medicala: diagnostic, terapie, dozimetrie). Listele de emailuri sunt astfel gandite ca odata ce va alaturati adresa personala de email la ele orice mesaj (email) trimis listei va ajunge la fiecare din cei ce s-au trecut pe lista. Raspunsurile pot fi trimise de asemenea via email fie la listserver (la TOTI cei inscrisi) dar si privat.

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EuropeanSociety of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine and Biology; ESMRMB 2009 Congress; Antalya, Turkey

1-3 October 2009

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Congres mondial in Fizica Medicala si Inginerie Biomedicala; Munich, Germany

7-12 September 2009

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Training pentru Ofiteri de siguranta radiatiei in domeniul medical; Oak Ridge, TN USA

17-21 August 2009

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Medical Image Understanding and Analysis; London, U.K.

14-15 July 2009 MIUA is the principal UK forum for communicating research progress in image analysis applied to medicine and the biological sciences. This is an area notable for the range of research communities involved, and the meeting aims to encourage the growth and raise the profile of this multidisciplinary field by bringing together these various communities. Contributions

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Training in ecranarea radiatiilor de la instalatiile medicale (RSM2009); Ericeira, Portugal

19-21 July 2009

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SPIE Imagistica Medicala-Abstracts due on 20 July

13 - 18 February 2010 Town and Country Resort and Convention Center San Diego, California, USA Trimite materiale pana pe data de 20 iulie in urmatoarele domenii: MI101: Physics of Medical Imaging MI102: Image Processing MI103: Computer-Aided Diagnosis MI104: Visualization, Image-guided Procedures and Modeling MI105: Biomedical Applications in Molecular, Structural, and Functional Imaging MI106: Image Perception, Observer Performance, and Technology

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Proceduri pentru asigurarea calitatii pentru PET/CT and SPECT/CT

June 24, 2009: Pre-conference course: Quality assurance procedures for PET/CT and SPECT/CT Malmö University Hospital, Sweden Contact: Info: (click Conference)

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