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Joint JSPS-ESF International Conference on Nanoscience and Engineering of Superconductors, Okura Frontier Hotel, Tskuba, Japan

Adrian Crisan (INCD Fizica Materialelor Bucuresti, si Universitatea Birmingham) este Invited Speaker cu prezentarea "Nanoengineered pinning centres in thick superconducting films"

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87. Thermally-induced self-assembling nanotechnology of gold nano-dots on CeO2-buffered sapphire for superconducting films

A typical facility for fabrication of devices based on high temperature superconducting (HTS) films grown on the less-expensive CeO2-buffered sapphire substrates comprises a transfer chamber, a chamber for CeO2 growth, a chamber for YBa2Cu3Oy (YBCO) growth, and a chamber for Au deposition at room temperature. Here we present the adaptation of our previously-reported method to create artificial pinning centres in HTS films through self-assembled nano-scale

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Artificial pinning centres in YBa2Cu3O7-δ Thin Films by Gd2Ba4CuWOy nanophase inclusions

Artificial pinning centres produced by Gd2Ba4CuWOy (Gd2411W) nano-phase inclusions in YBa2Cu3Oy (YBCO) thin films grown by pulsed laser deposition (PLD) using an YBCO target containing 1% mol Gd2411W have been investigated. For comparison, YBCO thin films have been grown under the same conditions using a pure (commercial) YBCO target. The resulting films were characterised by ac susceptibility (superconducting transition), SQUID magnetometer (critical

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