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Integrated biostratigraphy and palaeoenvironments of an upper Santonian – upper Campanian succession from the southern part of the Eastern Carpathians, Romania

Study of an upper Santonian to upper Campanian hemipelagic succession from the southern part of the Romanian Eastern Carpathians enables us to establish an integrated biostratigraphy based on planktonic foraminifera and calcareous nannofossils and to compare this record with the agglutinated foraminiferal biozonation used for the Carpathians. Benthic foraminiferal assemblages were investigated using several methods, such as agglutinated and calcareous

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Micropaleontological response to the changing paleoenvironment across the Sarmatian-Pannonian boundary in the Transylvanian Basin (Miocene, Oarba de Mures section, Romania)

The Sarmatian-Pannonian transition has been investigated in Section A of Oarba de Mures in the central Transylvanian Basin. Micropaleontological assemblages are diagnostic for different environmental settings and demonstrate a clear zonation, which was used to reconstruct the genetic units. Five stratigraphic sequences were described and subdivided based on the microfossil assemblages. Transgressive intervals were documented by five-chambered and

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New Middle Miocene Bryozoa from Gârbova de Sus (Romania) and their relationship to the sedimentary environment
An Early Miocene biserial foraminiferal event in the Transylvanian Basin (Romania)
The age of the Sarmatian–Pannonian transition in the Transylvanian Basin (Central Paratethys)

Amarked paleoenvironmental change took place at the beginning of the lateMiocene in the Central Paratethys,with dominantly marine Sarmatian successions grading rapidly into mainly brackish Pannonian deposits. A long and excellently exposed section comprising the Sarmatian–Pannonian transition has been investigated at Oarba de Mures in the Transylvanian basin (Romania). In this paper, we focus on both radiometric and magnetostratigraphic dating

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An Early Miocene biserial foraminiferal event in the Transylvanian Basin (Romania)

Investigations of the Lower Miocene of the Transylvanian Basin reveal particular high abundances (>90%) of small sized biserial foraminifera. This biotic event has not been noticed in the Transylvanian Basin so far probably owing to the facies misinterpretation and the small size of specimens. SEM investigations allow more precise identification of biserial planktonic taxa and more accurate taxonomic interpretations. The high abundance of Bolivina/Streptochilus

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3rd International Workshop Neogene of Central and South-Eastern Europe, Cluj-Napoca, May 20-24 2009. Abstract volume.
Miocene facies associations and sedimentary evolution of the Southern Transylvanian Basin (Romania): Implications for hydrocarbon exploration
Eighth International Workshop on Agglutinated Foraminifera. Abstract Volume
Palaeogene and Neogene