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Analysis of Single Event Effects in Continuous-Time Delta-Sigma Modulators
Single Event Transients Characterization in SOI CMOS Comparators
Offset Averaging in Flash and Folding A/D Converters Using Second Order Active Resistive Networks
NSF-NATO Postdoctoral Fellowships

NSF-NATO Postdoctoral Fellowships for Scientists from NATO Partner Countries (NSF-NATO) Description At the request of the Department of State, NSF administers a program of NATO Postdoctoral Fellowships to promote a closer collaboration among the scientists of member and NATO Partner countries. Approximately 20 fellowships will be made to US institutions that would like to host a scientist from a NATO Partner Country . Eligible fields of research

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A Linear MOS Transconductor Using Source Degeneration and Adaptive Biasing

This paper presents a new configuration for linear MOS voltage-to-current converters (transconductors). The proposed circuit combines two previously reported linearization methods. The novel topology achieves 60dB linearity for a input dynamic range up to $1V_{pp}$ supply voltage for the balanced inputs with slightly decreasing performance in the unbalanced case. The linearity is preserved during the tuning process for a moderate range of transconductance

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Information Transmission Using Chaotic Discrete-Time Filter

In this brief an adaptive approach for transmitting information hidden in a chaotic carrier is presented. The proposed method uses as chaotic generator a discrete time nonlinear filter with a saw-tooth nonlinearity induced by the two's complement overflow in digital filters. The synchronization at the receiving end is ensured by an adaptive slave system. Two different methods for hiding the information in the chaotic carrier are analyzed: direct

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