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Comparative Tourism Marketing Case Studies
E-tourism and tourism services consumer protection
Tourism Marketing

The content of the book: I. TOURISM MARKETING 1.1. The Role of Tourism Marketing 1.2. Destination Marketing 1.3. Marketing for Sustainable Tourism II. INTERNAL MARKETING 2.1. Key Role of People in the Marketing Mix 2.2. Moments Of Truth 2.3. Linking Between Employee Satisfaction and Customer Satisfaction 2.3.1 The value of a tourism and hospitality staff 2.3.2 The cost of staff dissatisfaction 2.3.4. The Internal Marketing Process 2.4. Establishment

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Ethical responsability of firm’s marketing activity

More and more firms answer to the need to offer policies and directions that help managers to approach the problems of marketing ethics. Business ethics represent reaction against immoral practices with negative effects in society, but also an awareness of the observance necessity of moral rules in the field of economics.Social responsible marketing imposes as market approach attend firm interests and those approached.Social responsibility is a tool

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