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Pre-reproductive alliance formation in female wild house mice (Mus domesticus): the effects of familiarity and age disparity

Abstract Female house mice (Mus domesticus) are known to perform communal breeding more often with kin than with non-kin partners. When mice are grouped in semi-natural enclosures, related females develop pre-reproductive alliances more frequently than unrelated ones. However, little is known about the behavioural mechanisms and the factors promoting kin preferential cooperative associations in female mice. Here we evaluate the relative importance

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Kin-preferential cooperation, dominance-dependent reproductive skew, and competition for mates in communally nesting female house mice

Abstract Little is known about the behavioural mechanisms facilitating kin-preferential communal breeding in wild house mice (Mus domesticus). We evaluated the effect of kinship and male availability on aggression, social structure and reproductive skew in groups of female mice freely interacting and reproducing in semi-natural indoor enclosures. Triplets of either sisters or non-sisters were established in enclosures provided with either one or

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Establishment of dominance and cooperation in female house mice depending on presence of subordinate males