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DNA Metabarcoding Authentication of Ayurvedic Herbal Products on the European Market Raises Concerns of Quality and Fidelity
What’s in the box? Authentication of Echinacea herbal products using DNA metabarcoding and HPTLC
DNA metabarcoding of orchid-derived products reveals widespread illegal orchid trade
Benefits and Limitations of DNA Barcoding and Metabarcoding in Herbal Product Authentication
Ancuta Cristina Raclariu, Andrei Mocan, Madalina Oana Popa, Laurian Vlase, Mihael Cristin Ichim, Gianina Crisan, Anne Krag Brysting, and Hugo J. De Boer. Veronica officinalis product authentication using DNA metabarcoding and HPLC-MS reveals widespread adulteration with Veronica chamaedrys. Frontiers in Pharmacology 8 (2017): 378
Ancuta Cristina Raclariu, Ramona Paltinean, Laurian Vlase, Aurélie Labarre, Vincent Manzanilla, Mihael Cristin Ichim, Gianina Crisan, Anne Krag Brysting & Hugo de Boer. Comparative authentication of Hypericum perforatum herbal products using DNA metabarcoding, TLC and HPLC-MS. Scientific Reports, Nature, 7, Article number: 1291, 2017